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Warriorfit is a unique program unlike any other in the area, designed for all fitness levels, each training session is taught by a real martial artist with over 20 years of experience. Our program is a combination of fitness  bootcamp with martial arts drills operated by Olympic accredited black belt coaches.. We are rapidly growing but do our best to keep our class size small (15-20 people) and private to ensure that you get quality training.

Why Warrior Fitness!

  • Small team of Quality trainers, that understand your personal need.
  • Get into shape and learn real martial arts techniques 
  • We focus on quality and getting you to new fitness levels. 
  • Class is NEVER EVER a routine!
  • We go the extra mile with group activities like mud runs, paintball, hikes, happy hours and more.
  • We produce result 
  • An array of training equipment not found anywhere else under 1 roof!!
  • The Ultimate facility to train for Mud Runs!

What  makes us unique to other programs.

With so many programs available why choose us? Well we are not like the rest that are cookie cutter themes an or anyone can teach after on a few months, learn a few dvds or just wing it by yelling. We use years of real personal training and instructors with Blackbelts that have been earned at a high level of training. Warrior fitness is about transforming a normal person and build them into true life champion on levels beyond the physical.  The trainers you encounter have anywhere from 7-22 years of martial arts training in various arts, currently compete at National, Olympic & International  levels.  Warrior fitness is about quality world-class instruction that will not just get you fit but help you grow as a person as you overcome challenges.  

While other program focus on selling you a workout program, locations and membership numbers, we focus on our program which is what truly matters. So come join us were the real warriors come train.

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“I rather have a 10 strong Warriors then 300 weak warriors, I build champions not sell memberships” Sensei David


Regardless of your current fitness level, your age, or body type, as long as you commit to the program and give it your all, we guarantee to make you stronger, fitter, flexible, and transform you. We are not a trend, fad, or a quick fix but a way of life!


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